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National Medical Advisory Board


The HFP National Medical Advisory Board (nMAB) incorporates membership from the entire comprehensive care team from various part of the country. Under the direction of the MAB Chair, the Medical Advisory Board Members:


  • Provides oversight, advice, and expertise regarding key medical and clinical issues;
  • Promotes new developments in treatment, care, and medical research on a national and provincial level;
  • Advises on policy, guidelines, and position statements on particular aspects of treatment of bleeding disorders; and
  • Ensures coordination and information sharing on all medical activities of the HFP.


HFP's National Medical Advsiory Board Members [nMAB] are listed below:


1 Prof. Dr. A. S. Chughtai  Pathologist 
2 Prof. Dr. Tariq Sohail Orthopedician
3 Dr. Ayesha Imran Hematologist 
4 Dr. Shahla T. Sohail Pediatrician    
5 Prof. Dr. Tahira Zafar  Haemotologist
6 Dr. Riaz Sheikh  Orthopaedic Surgeon
7 Dr. Asif  Zafar  General Surgeon
8 Dr. Zahida Ahmed Dental Surgeon  
9 Prof. Dr. Shahtaj Masood Hematologist 
10 Prof. Dr. Afzal Khan Khattak Pediatric
11 Dr. Fakhar Zaman Medicine
12 Dr. Amjid Ali Physiotherapist
13 Dr. Munira Borhany Hematologist 
14 Dr.Shoukat Ali Orthopaedic Surgeon
15 Dr. Sarfaraz H.Jaffry Sr.Genral Physician 
16 Dr. Kaleem Khan Dental Surgeon  
17 Dr. Tahir Shamsi [honorary member] Haemotologist


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