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Bio Sketch: Mr. Malik is a Person with Hemophilia and a well-known community activist in Pakistan. He has been working very closely with “Hemophilia Foundation® - Pakistan [HFP] and its Chapters since 2000. He is a young professional and an entrepreneur managing his business. Previously, he has worked for 10 years as Social Mobilization Office at the “Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS [UNAIDS]”. Mr. Malik is currently serving voluntarily as “President”. In his previous voluntary role, he has served as “Community Advisor” and represented Hemophilia Community at many national, regional and international platforms. Mr. Malik has been a tireless advocate in achieving treatment for all those living with bleeding disorders in Pakistan. He strongly believes in the greater involvement of community members at all decision-making levels. He has the capacity to handle cross-cultural sensitivity concerning hemophilia and aims to make use of his experience and abilities to provide support to community members especially the under privileged. Malik has a Master’s degree in Business Administration [MBA] among other qualifications.






Bio Sketch: Mr. Raheel Ahmed is a person with hemophilia with severe Factor-VIII deficiency. He has a diploma in op-tech from Sindh Medical Faculty. Professionally, he is working with Laboratory & Blood Banking sector, since 2005. The edifice activities in hemophilia community started, since 2000. He worked on robust restructuring and formation of first patient’s association and created joint venture and collaborations with the government and private sector to increase the resources for treatment through extensive advocacy. He also formed a proper team in Karachi by creating consciousness in young patients and parents. Along his work, he is currently doing research on hemophilia and gathering district wise statistics to find requirement of Anti-hemophilia factor.






Bio Sketch: Mr. Faizan Baig is a Person with Hemophilia with severe Factor-VIII deficiency. He has been serving the hemophilia community since past several years. His struggle in accessing treatment has been the driving force which led him to work for his co-sufferers. Previously, he has worked on the same position from 2015-2017. Being re-elected as the General Secretary of HFP-NMO, he is extremely passionate to achieve the globally shared vision of “Treatment for All”. Publication of Positive Diaries attempting to reduce stigma and discrimination, formulation of youth groups ensuring involvement of young community activists and liaison with HFP-Chapters strengthening the organization as a whole are some of his remarkable contributions for the cause. Mr. Faizan has recently completed his postgraduation with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. At present, he is doing research to pursue Doctoral Studies in future. Reading, travelling and photography takes most of his spare time.





Bio Sketch: Ms. Abira Maheen is a 4th year Medical Student. She has been elected as the Joint Secretary of Hemophilia Foundation® – Pakistan. She has Von-Wilebrand Disease and has been working with the HFP – Rawalpindi Chapter since august’17. She is the president of Youth Group at the HFP – Rawalpindi Chapter and has great experience of engaging the youth in the activities plus the women as well. She aims to become a hematologist one day and intends to play a role in the overall development of people with bleeding disorders in Pakistan.







Bio Sketch: Mr. Syed Shabistan is a Person with Severe Hemophilia-A. He has a rich Academic background, completed his B.Sc. with Silver Medal, Bachelors in Education with Gold Medal and did M.Sc. with 3rd Position from University of Peshawar. At present, he is MS Research Scholar in Chemistry at Islamia Collage University, Peshawar. He is also doing a job in Govt. Sector as a Secondary School Teacher in Chemistry. Mr. Syed is a Volunteer and Community Activist since 2010. In the previous tenure, he was also a part of the National Executive Council as Executive Member and now offering his services as a Treasurer at the Foundation. He is in close touch with all the HFP-Chapters and actively participates in all local and national board meetings. Transferring ideas into concrete shape and striving in a challenging environment is his best corner of activity. The establishment of HFP - Peshawar Chapter is one of the exemplary achievements by him. He is the President/Founder of HFP - Peshawar Chapter.






Bio Sketch: Ms. Sadia is a Ph.D. [Computer Science] scholar also serving as lecturer at Abbottabad University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abbottabad. Being a patient of Von-Willibrand Disease [VWD], She want to support and council women with VWD, to remove their societal pressures, discuss their issues, and regenerate their lives and to expose their aims and concerns in the society. She always felt very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to different backgrounds and especially those who have any physical defects/bleeding disorder. She keeps a keen view to the reality of life thus approach people with positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication.






Bio Sketch: Ms. Wajiha javaid is a person with Von-Willibrands Disease and a community activist. She has been working with the Hemophilia Foundation® - Pakistan since she was 16. Ms. Wajiha is a student and has completed her A’ levels in humanities and is now preparing for her further studies. Ms. Wajiha is currently working as an Executive Member of the Foundation. Previously, she was working on the same position and now has been re-elected through the recent elections. Ms. Wajiha has been an active member of the hemophilia community. She strongly believes in women empowerment and so has been working very passionately to make the women population of hemophilia community, visible. She formed and organized the national women group and also helped in the formation of national youth group as well as the Lahore chapter’s women and youth group. Ms. Wajiha strongly believes in group work, group efforts and aims to make use of her so far gathered experience to improve communication between hemophilic brothers and sisters and to work diligently to provide a platform for them to voice their concerns, freely.







Bio Sketch: Mr. Umar Khattak is a Person with Severe Hemophilia “A” and a Social Activist in Hemophilia Community. He is a student of Journalism. Previously he has voluntarily worked in Disable Person Society as a Community Activist for 5 years. Mr. Khattak is a full-time Volunteer working for the Hemophilia Community, since 2015 and he has a great interest in its local Chapter’s activities as being a Person with Hemophilia [PwH]. He has faced a lot of hurdles to be at this point. He tirelessly works towards achieving the goal of “Treatment for All” for every PwH in every corner of Pakistan. Currently, he is the National Executive Council Member of Hemophilia Foundation® – Pakistan and Secretary Information at HFP – Peshawar Chapter.






Bio Sketch: Mr. Abbas Ali Zaidi has Severe Factor-VII deficiency. He has been actively volunteering for the HPF – Karachi Chapter since past several years. In 2017, he got elected as Executive Member of National Executive Council of HFP-NMO. At present, he is teaching at a college and studying to complete his Master’s Degree.





Bio Sketch: Mr. Malik Shahzaib was born in Azad Kashmir where there were no facilities for patients. He faced all the difficulties with patience and courage. He has grown up in an environment where he had no access to treatment and emerged as a role model for the rest of the society that being a patient doesn’t stop an individual from going forward and getting what one wants from life.


MrS. Nargis queen awan


Bio Sketch: Mrs. Nargis Queen Awan is a mother of a hemophilic child. She joined HFP - Karachi Chapter several years ago where she is providing support as a Parents Group Leader. She is working on education of parents about their children’s health education. She is also a NEC member of Hemophilia Foundation® - Pakistan and being a member of this organization, she strongly wants to contribute as much as possible. She wants to educate all of the parents so they take care of their children in the best possible way that no child will face complication in their coming life and they’re completely ready to face every challenge of their life. 





Bio Sketch: Mr. Fazal Qayyum Sawal has two son’s suffering from hemophilia, elder one is 19 years old and the younger one is 15 years old. He is working as a manager in a private cosmetics company. He started working with HFP - Rawalpinid Chapter in 2016 and was elected as Vice-President. After that, he got elected for HFP-NMO in 2017 and started working for the cause of hemophilia at National Level. His life has been with full of struggle. Having raised two children with hemophilia with not much resources for their treatment he is passionate to work to ensure access to the treatment for all.






Bio Sketch: Mr. Tahir Umar Khan is a father of a Severe Hemophilic Son [Saad Tahir]. He is working for the hemophilia community since 2013 and serving as the Vice President of HFP – Peshawar Chapter. He completed his Graduation from University of Peshawar and currently doing a job in R-Sheen as a Manager [Gents Sec]. since 2002. He is a motivated parent to advocate for the issues that parents face in upbringing their children with hemophilia.








Bio Sketch: Ms. Amna Anis, is the National Executive Council Member of Hemophilia Foundation® - Pakistan. She has been associated with the foundation since 2014, a year after her first son was diagnosed with Hemophilia. In 2015, when her second son was also diagnosed with the same condition, her commitment to finding better treatments and cures for bleeding disorders and preventing complications through education, advocacy and research proliferated. Amna had a thriving career in the non-profit/development sector however, after her sons were diagnosed with this condition, she had to commit herself to their constant care. Together with the rest of the members of HFP her aim is to improve lives of people with bleeding disorders.






Bio Sketch: Mr. Hassan Raza is a patient of Hemophilia “A” and a community activist, since 2005. He did his Bachelors in Politics and International Relations from University of London. Currently, he is assosicated with multiple institutions as a faculty member teaching International Relations and Political Philosophy to Undergraduate students. He has interned at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad and Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he worked on multiple research oriented tasks. Hassan is also part of a health initiative that intends to bridge the gap between doctor and patients in Pakistan and also an adviser at Center for Youth Activism, Pakistan. He is an avid book reader and maintains a great interest in the domestic and international politics.

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