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Patient Camp - Lahore (2015-01-01)
Pakistan Hemophilia Patients Welfare Society® has been serving the Hemophilia Community, for last one decade. It has been effectively able to provide extensive support towards Hemophilia Care, and has engaged itself in executing all the important activities to lobby effectually for the rights of its beneficiaries. But still these efforts attested to be not as much, since the patients were still facing a lot of other issue, such as Pre & Post Bleed Complications. Hence, it was identified that the Patients were not categorically aware regarding the concerns with reference to a Bleeding Episode. In order to address, this issue of awareness amongst the Hemophilia Patients and their Families a strong Project proposal was submitted to NNHF for the funding, which embodied all the elements with regards to Creating Awareness not only amongst Patients and their Families but also to the Society. Patient Camp refers to one of the activities, which pledges itself under the NNHF project, highlighting the prudent notion by the leadership, in order to overcome all the issues faced by the bleeding disorder community, with reference to a developing country.
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