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Youth Training Session (2018-12-28)
YOUTH TRAINING SESSION VENUE HEMOPHILIA PATIENT’S WELFARE SOCIETY, RAWALPINDI. DATE DECEMBER 28th, 2018 ATTENDEES MR. MASOOD FAREED MALIK (PRESIDENT HEMOPHILIA FOUNDATION PAKISTAN) DR. MUNAWWAR SHER KHAN (PRESIDENT HPWS RAWALPINDI) ABIRA MAHEEN (PRESIDENT YOUTH GROUP) RABIA EESHA USAMA KHAN FAHEEM ANILA  ALI RAZA HAMZA AROOBA AGENDA 1.Recitation of Holy Quran The session started formally with recitation of Holy Quran that was done by youth group member Mr. Ali Raza. 2.Opening Remarks For opening remarks Dr. Tahira Zafar from hemophilia patient’s welfare society Rawalpindi formally thanked Mr Masood Fareed for taking out time from his busy schedule and for conducting this capacity building session of youth. She expressed her views and hopes regarding the youth as future leaders who will play their role in hemophilia community. 3. Setting Ground Rules The opening remarks were followed by setting ground rules for the session that were mutually decided by the participants and the facilitator.   4. Round of Introduction An ice breaking session of introduction was conducted by Ms. Abira Maheen in which all the members participated and realized their strengths and weaknesses and how they can work on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. 5. Community Engagement and Empowerment This session was conducted by Mr. Masood Fareed Malik who paid special emphasis on following; Time for oneself Personality development and grooming Communication skills Exposure and Learning opportunities Power of human mind  Importance of having a clear vision and setting goals and targets along with timeline for making that vision a reality Social interaction  Motivational talk to encourage youth for their active participation in welfare of hemophilia community 6.Team Building Exercise This session was facilitated by Ms. Abira Maheen. Participants were divided into two teams and they were given two different topics i-e Planning for hemophilia day and fund raising. They were given time period of 20 minutes to plan and organize according to their topics and give a presentation. The participants actively participated and at the end of the session they were judged by Dr Munawwar Sher Khan, Dr. Tahira Zafar and Mr. Hassan Raza. Mr. Masood Fareed Malik gave his remarks regarding both presentations and told them how they can improve themselves further.   7.Youth Group Role in Hemophilia Society’s Success This was a formal presentation by Mr. Masood Fareed Malik in which he shared with the members; the criteria, structure and vison of national youth group and how that can help in local youth group’s activities. He also stated the importance of role of youth in welfare of hemophilia of community. 8. Closing Remarks Dr Munawwar Sher khan ended the session with closing remarks. She showed her gratitude towards Mr. Masood Fareed for conducting this session and she also showed her hopes regarding youth group as future leaders and volunteers who will play their role in not only spreading awareness regarding the hemophilia and other bleeding disorders but also to play their role for the welfare of this bleeding disorder community and the community as a whole.   Written By: Ms. Abira Maheen  
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